Project Schedule

Florham Park Board of Education
Capital Projects
FY2019 Referendum Project Schedule
*Note: Majority of work completed during summer months of calendar year indicated*
CY 2020

 Project #  School Project Description Project Updates
 Briarwood  Roof Replacement on original building  
 2  Briarwood  Renovate Computer Lab to Gen. Ed. Classrooms  
 4  Briarwood  Replace Lighting, Ceiling, Kalwall in Multi-purpose Room  
 5  Briarwood  Replace Classroom ACM Flooring with VCT  
 8  Brooklake  Replace Building Ceilings & Lighting  
 9  Brooklake  Renovate Boy's and Girl's Bathrooms(4)  
 10  Brooklake  Renovate Single Bathrooms Music Rooms(2)  
 12  Brooklake  Replace Classroom ACM Flooring with VCT  
 13  Brooklake  HVAC Instructional Areas/DDC Controls  
 14  Brooklake  Replace Roof on Original Building  
 15  Brooklake  Boiler Replacement to High Efficiency Boilers  
 18  Ridgedale  Slate Roof Repairs and Repairs to Ridge and Valleys  
 24  Ridgedale  Replace Boilers with High Efficiency Boilers  

CY 2021

 Project #  School Project Description Project Updates
 19  Ridgedale  Renovate Bathrooms in Original Building(6)  
 20  Ridgedale  Renovate Wellness Center/ Wood Shop/ Media Center to STEM Lab/ Learning Commons  
 21  Ridgedale  Renovation Auditorium Seating, Lights, Audio  
 22  Ridgedale  Replace Stage Air Conditioning Unit  
 23  Ridgedale  HVAC Instructional Space in Original Building DDC Controls  
26  Ridgedale  Replace Original Building Ceiling/Lighting(LED)  

CY 2022

 Project #  School Project Description Project Updates
 Briarwood  Renovate CST Area  
 6  Briarwood  Replace Windows in Original Building  
 7  Briarwood  Replace Lighting Building(LED)(Occupancy)  
 11  Brooklake  Renovate Main Office/Principal/Nurse Safety  
 16  Brooklake  Renovate Computer Lab to SGI(2)  
 17  Brooklake  Renovate Media Center and Art Room to Learning Commons / STEAM Lab / SGI(2)  
 25  Ridgedale  Replace Emergency Generator with Larger Generator and/or Portable  
 27  Ridgedale  Mill & Repave Parking Lots, Access Drives, Sidewalks  


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