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What should parents and families expect of the school counselor?

A school counselor’s goal is to help all students to grow socially, emotionally and academically.  In Florham Park Schools, the counselors are an integral part of shaping the positive school climate which supports academic success. 

We have three full-time school counselors, one at each school in our District The counselors are:  


During a typical week, school counselors will engage in many different and dynamic activities with students, faculty, administration, and families in order to support students.  

Most of these activities fall into one of the “4 C’s” of school counseling:

  • Classroom Lessons:

Classroom lessons are an integral part of our school counseling program. Lessons focus on teaching and supporting students with the skills and mindsets they need in order to be a success in school and life, including social skills development, conflict and bullying prevention, and supporting students in understanding and developing positive character traits. In addition, they provide the school counselor with the opportunity to get to know and build rapport with all of our students and for students to develop a safe, comfortable relationship with the school counselor.  Our District implements the Second Step Social Emotional Learning curriculum, a research and evidenced based program.

  • Counseling:

When referred by a parent, teacher, or, for older students, because of their own initiative, students meet one-to-one  and/or in small groups with the school counselor.   The purpose of school-based counseling is to provide skill based instruction and practice to help a child develop skills and mindsets that they need in order to succeed at school.  School-based counseling with a school counselor is not therapeutic in nature and therefore does not examine family dynamics, medical needs, or difficulties that do not present a barrier to their academic achievement.  Please note that parents must consent in writing to school-based counseling.

  • Consulting:

Counselors also support the success of students by consulting with teachers, administrators, and support staff  to help them create classroom and school environments that will enhance the development of our students. Parents also frequently reach out to the counselor when they need help in connecting with school personnel or to support the counseling efforts their child may need. The counselor may also assist parents in working with various specialists in the district when any student is experiencing problems which impede learning and growth.  Counselors serve as the Section 504 Coordinator for the building in which they work, ensuring that students with accommodation plans get what they need in order to succeed.

  • Coordination:

An important part of the school counselor's job is to work cooperatively with administrators, teachers, parents, and community agencies, helping all of these people come together to serve the needs of our students most effectively. They assist with scheduling, planning events, and supporting all members of the community during times of crisis.  

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