Florham Park Public Schools - Technology

Florham Park Public Schools Technology Plan for Digital Learning 2016 - 2019


The Florham Park School District is committed to promoting intellectual, ethical and social growth within a dynamic educational community in order to develop knowledgeable, productive and caring citizens. Because technology plays a vital role in the teaching and learning process, our students will have an active role in their learning through the skilled and appropriate use of technology and be well prepared to meet future educational challenges.


Technology has fueled a fundamental change that has led to the development of an interdependent, global society. This transformation necessitates a shift in instructional approaches in which technology is seamlessly integrated. Today’s students require an engaging and empowering learning experience, resulting from a rich curriculum that allows for interdisciplinary, personalized, inquiry­-based learning in which the teacher is the facilitator. Students will be expected to collaborate with others both locally and globally through digital media, seek, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of online resources, solve problems using electronic tools, and express their ideas through multiple modes of communication. Florham Park Schools will provide access to and instruction on technology and digital resources, allowing for students to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and capacities to ensure that they are successful beyond our educational setting.

Belief Statements

1. All students must have the knowledge and competencies necessary to function in an increasingly technological age.

2. Educational technology, when used appropriately, improves performance, increases achievement and expands the knowledge of both the student and the teacher.

3. The financial commitment of the school district to technology must be continual, realistic, and ongoing.

4. Technology should be equally accessible for all members of the school community.

5. All students must be provided the opportunities to access, process, create and communicate using various technologies.

6. Technology used in the learning process is project/problem based.

7. Technology instruction must include an understanding of the responsible use of all forms of technology including the social, ethical and legal aspects.

8. Technology integration is an essential component in the school improvement process.

9. The district will align itself with the Common Core Standards and online testing methodology that cannot be completed without student access to these technologies.

10. Technology enables teachers the flexibility to manage a learning environment that can be student-centered and individualized where students can move through curriculum based on the their needs.

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