Internet Safety

Internet Safety for your Child

The Internet is an amazing tool that every child must have access to. So much information is available instantaneously to every person who has that access. However, the power of the Internet to connect people to information, ideas and other people is also dangerous for those who are not prepared. Just as we know that there are great places to visit in person to see cultural, entertaining, beautiful and new things, we also know, as adults, that there are places we want to stay away from because of the dangers they present. Do these dangers keep us locked in our houses? Of course not, we have learned how to avoid such places.

As parents and educators we must help our children learn to navigate the Internet in a way that they can obtain the benefits, while avoiding the dangerous areas. The challenge is that children feel more comfortable than the average adult in the world of the Internet. It is our responsibility, as teachers and parents to be well versed in the proper usage so that we can help our children make smart choices and be safe. Use some of the links provided below to fill in your knowledge gaps so that you feel comfortable talking to your child and supervising what they do.

In closing I would like to offer some safe guards that may help you protect your children be providing a healthy “connected” home. Then use the websites below to educate yourself and think about an Acceptable User Policy for your home.

  • Put your computer in a high traffic area, somewhere out in the open. A child’s bedroom is not a good choice.
  • Talk to your child about both positive and negative behaviors about using the computer. What do you expect.
  • Find out what your child does on line for work and recreation, monitor them. You don't let them watch every TV show. It is good to give boundaries.

1. Parental information

a. - Your family's guide to making the Internet and technology fun, safe and productive.
1.Child Safety Guidelines to follow
b. Workshop – Provides lots of information for parents so that the most powerful tool, communication, can take place between you and your child about the dangers of the web.
ciSafe – become an advocate and get involved with keeping kids safe.
d.Parry's Internet Safety Guide For Parents- Everything you need to know to keep your child safe online
e. Wired Safety
g. Free online safety videos

2. Interactive games to teach safe practices

a. Elementary Level –
1. Surf Swell Island – Designed and hosted by Disney
2. NetSmartz Kids– a site designed to let children explore and see the possible dangers on-line.

b. Teens –
1.NetSmartz Workshop for Teens
2. Think u know - online safety tips from the United Kingdom. * How to stay safe, gaming, IM, and blogging tips

3. Computer Tools for safe surfing

a. Macintosh Users have some build-in controls for keeping your children safe.

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