Speech & Language Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists support a student’s ability to access language and communication in their educational environment.  While sometimes referred to simply as “Speech” providers, Speech Language Pathologists address a broad spectrum of needs related to communication in the school setting, including: 

  • Language and literacy. Some students may have trouble understanding what they hear. They may not follow directions or answer questions well. It may be hard for them to tell others about their thoughts. They may not say the correct words or say only short sentences. Language problems can also make reading and writing harder.
  • Social communication. Some students may have trouble talking with other students. They may not make friends easily. They may not understand what others think or how they feel.
  • Cognitive communication. These are the thinking skills students need to remember, solve problems, and use their imagination. 
  • Stuttering. Students may have trouble speaking smoothly. They may repeat sounds or words or have long pauses when they talk. 
  • Speech sounds. They may have trouble saying sounds. They may not speak clearly and be hard to understand.

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